Looking for a place where all children are important and entitled to quality child care in a safe, fun, loving, learning environment? Look no further! Here at Bright Beginnings we believe:
The foundation a child grows on is begun from the moment a child is born and is built by all those who touch the life of that child. We must build carefully.
All children are individuals and must be viewed and treated as such.
Parents are the most important person(s) in the life of a child and communication between home and center is essential.
Child care professionals must be kind, nurturing, patient, responsible individuals who are knowledgeable about children and put the welfare of children as their first priority.
Learning will come more easily to children who are prepared physically, socially, and emotionally.

Our goals are:
To assess each child’s developmental level and plan appropriate activities for his/her growth and development. 
To teach, by example, appropriate behaviors.
To instill good, character building values, as appropriate for each child’s age and level of understanding.
To help children learn to problem solve, perform self-help skills, and communicate with others.
To prepare children for the next class they will join, including entry into kindergarten.
To communicate successes as well as problems and concerns to parents in a timely manner and to work with the parents to find resolution to any problems or concerns.
To implement the above mentioned goals to our best capability, ensuring every child is provided a strong foundation for their life’s journey. 

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Children should have the world at their fingertips and be able to experience every wonderful thing it has to offer!